Current research topics in Power, Nuclear,Fuel and Energy

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  • Renewable Energy
    Nuclear Energy
    Power Energy
    Energy System & Efficiency Improvement
    Advanced Energy Technologies
    Energy Efficiency and Conservation
    Power Generation & System
    Emerging Energy Technologies
    Bio fuels, Engines, Boilers, Combustors, Turbines
    Coal, Oil, Natural gas, Nuclear energy
    Energy Modelling and Simulation
    Climate Change Mitigation and environmental impacts of energy systems
    Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
    Power Systems and automation
    Conventional and Alternate Energy
    Renewable energy technologies

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New Trends & applications of Soft Computing Techniques(NTASCT)
Coordinator Names :
Dr.Siva Ganesh Malla
Mr.Jagan Mohan Rao Malla

Applications of Soft Computing Methods
New Methods in Soft Computing
Power Energy and control
Signal Processing
Embedded Systems
Image Proceessing
Network Security
Power Systems & Power Electronics
optimization Techniques